Teen Challenge Vermont 2-26-17

We were again blessed and challenged by God and what he is doing in the lives of the broken and downtrodden. As in the words of the song, “we see broken, He sees mended”. Praise God!

Of the many ministries that we here at the Middletown Springs Community Church support,  Teen Challenge Vermont is perhaps most poignantly felt by most of us. We have the privilege of hosting a group of young, and some not so young, men every year. What an incredible opportunity to see our Lord at work in the hearts and minds of those marginalized and disadvantaged by our society. To be sure, and by their own admittance, these honored,now saints of God made some bad choices and hence suffered from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. But their testimonies of how Jesus Christ lifted them up, cleaned them up, mended their broken lives and redeemed them (the Gospel) is always one of the highlights of our church year.