May 2017


May 29, 2017

Dear Church,

At Lazarus death Jesus wept. It says when Jesus witnessed the sorrow of Lazarus family and friends he was moved in spirit and troubled (John 11:33). Jesus did not say Lazarus is in a better place, let us rejoice and try to lessen the sorrow . He expressed a plethora of emotions- compassion, indignation, sorrow and even frustration. Despite the knowledge of Lazarus being made alive by him he identified with all the emotions of death. The certainty of eternal life does not alleviate the sorrow of death but rather it illuminates our need for Jesus to strengthen us in this life. Yes, he who believes in Jesus will live, even though they die (John11:25). As we mourn the loss of Ellen let us draw close to Jesus so that he will draw close to us (James 4:8). Be honest with your sorrow. He cares!

·         Ellen’s memorial service will be on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017- Details to follow.

·         This is His Little Feet Week. Tent is up!. Wednesday May 31st  is the date to remember. There will be a Love Offering – Checks to be made out to  His little feet.


Be Encouraged





May 22, 2017

Dear Church,

Why is corporate worship so vital for our spiritual growth? Romans 12 reminds us that ‘through many, are one body in Christ’ or together we are Christ’s body! The mystery grows deeper when the bible reminds us that not only are we Christ’s body but we are also Christ’s bride (Eph 5:32). Think about this for a moment; when Adam and Eve fell, the fellowship they enjoyed with God was broken but Jesus the second Adam(Rom 5:15-17) restored it. So we being Christ’s Bride becomes the second Eve. When we worship together as a Church we are partaking in this greatest mystery that any human being can enjoy in this world. We experience the oneness with the body and bride of Christ, who together, becomes one with Christ in God. God in Trinitarian counsel joins with  His Bride the Church. The three in one God and the many in one church join together in Holy Union! Now this cannot be experienced by watching some evangelist on TV. There is a manifestation of Christ’s presence when we come together as a body and when we fail to do so we are starving ourselves of the Joy, healing and anointing only a church can give. Hebrews 10:25 commands us not to neglect the habit of meeting together

Be Encouraged





Memorial Day Parade – Contact Sally Achey

With so many meetings yesterday, with many of the same people in each, there was not really anything definite decided about the church’s participation in the Memorial Day parade next Sunday afternoon..It was suggested that this would be a good opportunity to invite another group of people (parade watchers)  to the Little Feet Concert. 

Perhaps something as simple as:

A banner with the verse
Isaiah 52:7 ..

 ‘How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news…’

People could walk – in funny shoes – big shoes, fishing waders, western boots, mismatched shoes – anything emphasizing “FEET”.  Some could ride – in ??? – with bare feet hanging over the edge or just feet sticking up in the air. We could hand out flyers or the postcards about the concert. It would be pretty simple to put together.  We would just need a banner and handouts.
Any one willing to join us?


His Little Feet:

Let’s pack the Green with people like never before. May 31st, 6 pm. Let us do our job in inviting people and let the Holy Spirit do His job in changing lives.


Navajo Mission Trip and Honduras Mission: Please pray for the preparation and travel; God’s hand on all the people that many may come to know our Lord

OCC Need: Socks, Tee, Shorts, Dresses and hats contact the Ellingsen’s



1 Peter 4:10 ‘Each one should use whatever gift he/she has received to serve others’





May 15, 2017

Good Morning Church,

In Revelation 2: 26,27 Jesus says those who overcome and does my will to the end will rule and triumph over evil. Overcoming hurdles become part of our Christian life. Our overcoming  is not always fueled by our own strength . In fact vs. 28 says that we will be given the morning star? What is the morning star. Generally Venus is the morning star, brighter than all other stars. It is a star visible just before dawn when the night is at its coldest and darkest. It’s a harbinger of hope, it means light will fall on all things making them bright and beautiful. When we are at our bleakest point, when life does not make sense, when we long for the endless anguish to end, the morning star, here referring to Jesus Christ, appears bringing hope and restoring lives.

For when I am weak, then I am strong ~Apostle Paul

Be Encouraged





May 8, 2017

Dear Church,


Matthew Henry says “The Word of God gives us great help in attaining the peace we need… It convinces powerfully, converts powerfully and comforts powerfully”. Psalm 147:3 says “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”. There is healing and binding  of wounds for those of us who abide in Him. What does this abiding mean?  It means having a conscious and continues connection with Jesus. Not just out of guilt or duty but out of intimacy and desire to abide with Jesus as branches in the vine(if we don’t have this ask him to create that intimacy in you). The abiding is mutual, one who abides in Him, He will also abide in him/her (John 15:4). The abiding also implies dependence, the aspect of abiding, unlike connection, is not reciprocal. The branch is dependent on the vine, but the vine is not dependent on the branch. Apart from this abiding we can have  ‘zero’ spiritual life (John 15:5). Remember Jesus convinces, converts and comforts powerfully not once but every day. As someone reminded us yesterday in church ‘he continually saves us’ ,  not from eternal judgment but from the perils of this life(sometimes his saving may imply suffering). This saving is experienced in a child who abides in Him. This morning do we remain in Him or outside Him?


·         His little feet, May 31st. Start praying for this event!

·         Navajo Mission, July 9-15th .

·         Honduras trip, July 3rd week .

·         Men’s group, women’s  group, small groups are all meeting at regular times



          ‘You stay quiet about your faith at work and call it being tolerant’

          – Not A Fan-


          Be Encouraged





May 1, 2017

Dear Church,

In John 17:26 Jesus prays for his followers and says “ I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known (through the course of history of the   italics added by me) in order that the love you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them”. In order that the love God the Father has for the Son may be made manifest in us. Think about this. We can understand how God could love   who wouldn’t love him? But it is difficult for us to believe what Jesus says   that we are to grasp the fact that in the presence of Jesus’ life in us, God the Father loves us the same way as he loves his Son. In all our ‘crippleness’ of life Jesus stands besides us and says ‘I love you more than anyone else because you are mine’. That is the Glory that Jesus says we are to behold (John 17:24-26) – The glory of the love of God for us as individuals. There is a hope of glory in the future and there is glory in the present which manifests itself as we experience his unfailing love amid the ebbs and flows of life. This morning remember God the Father loves you just as he loved Jesus!

·         Men’s group tonight @ 6:30 -8:30

·         Thursday May 4, 6:00 pm on the Green for prayer walk and at 7:00 pm will gather on the green for a time

           of corporate prayer.

·         May  31, 6:00 pm His Little Feet Plus Curry kick-off! Invite People!

·         Navajo Mission 21 people have signed up!!