Our Leadership

IMG_2927foe siteOur Pastor   Mathews George
Pastor Mathews was born in India and raised as a member of one of the Early Churches of Christendom begun by the Apostle Thomas in AD 53. He earned several business degrees and lived in India until 2004, when he gave up a promising fifteen-year corporate career to attend Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA.  He earned his MA in Christian Leadership and has been a Pastor in the USA for nine years. He has traveled extensively, initiated various ministries around the globe, and spoken in a variety of venues.  Above all, however, he loves to share Jesus with people from all walks of life.
Mathews is married, and he and his wife Anju have five children.


The Elder Board
“The word elder is used interchangeably in the Bible – depending on the translation – with the words bishop, pastor, and overseer.  Elders are responsible for the spiritual vision, direction, and guidance of the congregation.  Elders are the pastors of the church.”

Dale Carr
Dave Carr
Russell Merrill
Roland Mitcheson
Stan Achey

Our Deacon Board
The biblical term ‘deacon‘ or ‘deaconess‘ is most frequently translated into English as ‘servant‘ or ‘minister‘.  Essentially , the Board of Deacons and Deaconesses in the Middletown Springs Community Church is an elected group of individual servants of the church society as a whole.  While each member of a local church is called to a life of service, those who do so as members of the Board serve in a special capacity and in a manner that reflects a more formal commitment.”
Nate Carr

Connie Eaton
Dan Ellingsen

Annisa Lamberton

Jeff Wright