Helping our Adults Grow

For Women

uth and estherer

The Women’s Bible Study meets every Tuesday morning at 9:30 am at Barbara Severy’s house, 37 North Street.

Their current study is based on Ruth & Esther: Women of Faith, Bravery, and Hope by John MacArthur

“In our studies in the Old Testament books of Ruth and Esther, we are being encouraged by God’s faithfulness to His people as they surrender their lives to Him. We have seen how God sovereignly orchestrates events through the seemingly mundane as well as through those who don’t know Him, in order to bring about His purposes. From gleaning grain in Bethlehem to a pagan king’s palace in Susa, He truly is the Ruler and Sustainer of all things as He works out His plan to bring Jesus to us in the fullness of His time.”



For Men

31vsjx0pjul-_sx321_bo1204203200_The Men’s Discipleship Group meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

The goal of this group is to provide a safe place where men can learn together and follow Jesus together. What is shared in the group “stays in the group”. Currently there are 15-18 men meeting and sharing and growing together. This Fall we are using the book Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman as  our discussion starter.

“Here is the most basic definition of fan in the dictionary:

An enthusiastic admirer’

It’s the guy who goes to the football game with no shirt and a painted chest. He stands and cheers for his team. He’s got a signed jersey hanging on his wall at home and multiple  bumper stickers on the back of his car. But he’s never in the game. He never breaks a sweat or takes a hard hit in the open field. He knows all about the players and can rattle off their latest stats, but he doesn’t know the players. He yells and cheers, but nothing is really required of him. There is no sacrifice he has to make. And the truth is, as excited as he seems, if the team  he’s cheering for starts to let him down and has a few off seasons, his passion will wane pretty quickly. After several losing seasons you can expect him to jump off the fan wagon and begin cheering for some other team. He is an enthusiastic admirer.” -from Chapter 1 Not a Fan

(This book will be provided free by the church to all who Participate!)




For Everyone

fogotten god

We have several small groups to join for mid-week interaction and learning.

Elder David is leading one group on Wednesday evenings. The topic is the Holy Spirit, and the group is using Francis Chan’s book, The Forgotten God.  This small group also enjoys sharing a pot luck meal once per month. Fellowship and food…nourishing the body and the spirit!

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