February 2017




February 27, 2017

Dear Church,
Jesus talks about a builder who wants to build a tower. (Luke 14:28-30) Jesus says first he will sit down and estimate the cost because if his estimate is inaccurate the building remains incomplete. The estimated cost of discipleship is lifelong radical followership. People abandon Christian life because they miscalculated the cost of  surrender and commitment to engage the Holy Spirit.  We have to give control over our wealth, health, career, family, social status and carnal desires to Jesus. A strong reminder by Jesus in vs. 33 ‘Anyone who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciples’. This is not a call for a monastic life but are we unconstrained in our devotion to Jesus, raising above every obstacles pursuing his call. We need to keep on reminding ourselves that the Characteristic spirit of Christianity is Sacrifice. Jesus attracts his followers by inviting them to sacrifice, the reward eternal life stating here in the now!

What a blessing with Teen Challenge this Sunday!. God continues to encourage us with His power revealed through transformed lives.


Be encouraged






February 20, 2017

Dear Church,

For Job the greatest pain was not necessarily his loss of health, wealth and his children(that certainly was there), but  his inability to understand why God allowed him to suffer dominated his feelings. The whole book of Job is a theological treatise of suffering contrasted with God’s sovereignty.  Yet, despite Job’s suffering, heart of heart Job had  faith in God. He said “I know my redeemer lives” and “in the end he will stand upon the earth” (Job 19). In ancient Israel a redeemer was a family member who bought slaves freedom. Job battled his struggles with the deep assurance that in the end God would redeem him. The cry of Job points us towards our redeemer, Jesus. He “gave his life to free us from every kind of sin, to cleanse us, and to make us his very people”(Titus  2:14) No matter what we endure in our lives, Christ our redeemer emerges out of our ashes to sanctify and strengthen us in our journey and to gives us hope that never fades! Anyone who believes in Jesus and follows him in love has a reason to be glad today…and forever.

A note from Anita and Pat Rice

Our journey so far has been very fruitful. God has used us to minister to those that have been in our path. We were sent to encourage and build  up the church our former pastor goes to! Three ungodly voices have said, why do you want to go to the Navajo nation it’s full of drugs, alcohol and oppression. But praise God that’s why we are going .The word at the church was a confirmation of our mission trip  purpose. 

We’re having fun, it’s been very refreshing.

This morning we prayed for New Mexico and the people we will reach with the gospel. In one hour we will be in New Mexico. Please pray for special hedge of protection around  for us because our enemy does not want us to set the captive free!! You can forward this to the church for us.

Anita and Patrick

Be Encouraged






February 13, 2017

Dear Church,

In Revelation 5, John has a vision of Jesus. First as an enthroned Lion of Judah (vs.5) then he sees him as a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain(vs.6). One symbolizing authority, power and dominion and the other symbolizing submission and self-sacrifice. Why this juxtaposed two realities in total contrast?  The Gospel is a demonstration of God’s greatest power through weakness. In other words Jesus was slain because he was the Lamb without blemish, he redeemed his people and enthroned victoriously because he is the Lion who defeated Satan’s powers in our lives. In our moments of weakness, hardship and conflicts can we see that our savior experienced brokenness for you and me so that we might experience the abundance of his reign over our lives. Just like how Christ the Lion is victorious because of what Christ the Lamb has done. We his followers are victorious in the midst of the hardships of life  if we remain in Him!


·         A Small Group, led by Dave Carr, will meet this Thursday,  7 pm at Dan & Ellen McKeen’s home (320 West St. MTS). This first meeting will be for “organizing” – making decisions on what we will study, and the best day, time and place to meet. 

·         A second Small Group is being offered, to be led by Stan Achey, using The Truth Project video series. Time and day yet to be determined.See this intro video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzvKOgCrag8   You may sign up at Church or contact Stan. Moonridge1@gmail.com

·         Stasny’s moving this week. Read John’s instruction below


Because of God’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassion never fails…(Lamentations 3:22)


Be Encouraged






February 6, 2017

Dear Church

Jesus tells the story of the man who left the ninety- nine sheep in the open country and went  after the lost one until he finds it(Matt 15:3-7). We tend to picture God who forgives sinners who come to him for mercy. Kind of like the sheep who recognizes its lostness and finds its way back to the Shepherd. Yet throughout the Gospel we find a God who from the abundance of His heart searches for the sinner and then joyfully brings him/her home. Our Lord is a search and rescue God! This image of the shepherd caring the sheep on his shoulders, joyfully bringing his lost sheep home was the original figure used to identify Christians way before people began identifying Christianity with crosses.


  1. Men’s group meets tonight at 6:30
  2. Ladies Bible Study starts, February 7 @ 9:15.
  3. Small Group meets at 7 pm at Dan & Ellen McKeen’s home (320 West St. MTS)
  4. Youth Group meets February 12th, meet at Church 5:45 – See Emma L for details.
  5. Andrea Cunningham who used to attend church with us is  going to Greece on a medical mission in May and  in need for financial support and has requested the same. She will be working with Refugees. Here is a link to the website with information on the trip. https://www.purecharity.com/andrea-cunninghams-fundraiser-for-various-greece

There will be MORE rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents….(Matt 15:7)

Be Encouraged