December 2015

cover pic resized 300 wideDec. 21
Dear Church
I think I am sincere when I say that I am energized and happy to start my Pastorate at MTSCC. Anju and Kids are in South Carolina and I terribly miss them but it was my choice to move here during Christmas season because it is a time of simmering expectation, hope in God’s plan for humanity which includes you and me and everyone else and assurance of Emmanuel, God with us. These are critical elements that we as a church need to imbibe as we move forward into the exiting 2016 and I want to be with you during this transition.

I am sure some of you remember the Motel Six commercial  “we will leave light on for you” I want to assure you that my light will be always on for you. If you need prayer, a word of encouragement or just someone to listen to, my office will always open for your need. Lets continue to pray for each other, especially the request that has been mentioned during worship; and also for those unspoken request that people carry deep.

When a child is born the first question people normally asks is whom does the child look like? But when it comes to Jesus, the real question is “who looks like the Child”, this is the message we cherish this season! Every hope and dream is finally realized through this Child, so what are we waiting for “Lets go tell it on the mountain”


cover pic resized 300 wideDec. 29
Dear Church
At least for now I am enjoying the first real snow in Vermont, as I look outside my window I notice how snow looks so clean and fresh and so flaky, it falls from the sky, even without asking  on the dirt and debris  giving it an appearance of fresh and newness . For all of us who have experienced his grace and forgiveness we know what that means. God makes all things new and clean and beautiful in His and our site (1 John 1:9). As 2015 inches towards its final hours let us be grateful for the hope we share and the mercies we experienced. As we welcome 2016  let us pray that God will open our hearts to the sorrows and injustices of a hurting world and help us as a church to respond with compassion and sacrifice to those who are friendless and needy. Always remember the power God holds (Job 42:2) power to take any impossible situations and make it possible opportunities.

So as your Pastor I want to encourage you to plug in with the church which is the powerhouse of God’s presence; As Hebrews 10:25reminds us  let’s  not give up the habit of meeting  together. The presence of Christ is felt through His body and healing and encouragement is experienced. I firmly believe that God has great plans for MTSCC.  Hope to see you all on the first Sunday of 2016!

Be Encouraged