Christmas Eve Worship, 2016

We celebrated Christmas 2016 and reached out to the community in various ways including Caroling to the community, Christmas Free Indeed, Operation Christmas Child packing party and in many other less publicized events. The main event though, was worshiping the Risen Christ and celebrating his entry into our human world. The Christmas Eve Worship  time was especially poignant as we revisited not only his birth here on Earth but, through testimonies, song and preaching saw the Christ at human entry  level and Godly, resurrected King. We heard through personal testimony, how this baby Jesus and King has worked and is working in the lives of the young and the not so young(old) among us. The Gospel message was clearly presented. It was a phenomenal night of worship and praise and fellowship.

Click here to hear the entire experience. note: This is unedited audio recording. there are quite times that without visual might be confusing. Sorry.

Christmas Eve 2016