From Our Pastor



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As the Pastor, if you decide to make MSCC your home, I want to assure you of three things.

First, you will hear the Word of God proclaimed unabashedly through prayers, songs, readings, teachings, sermons, ministries, and missions.  Jesus will be glorified and His teachings lived out.

Second, we will love you and make you part of this big family.  We know there are no perfect people in this world; we have all been through life’s struggles.  It is only through Jesus’ love, forgiveness, and healing that we are bound together.

Finally, you will be encouraged to plug in with one of our ongoing ministries where you could use your talents.

I hope and pray that you would consider the possibility of being part of our family at MSCC.  I am always available to answer your questions or just to sit and chat.

Be encouraged!

Pastor Mathews George